Jastrzębie-Ruptawa addition

This construction project has been mandated by the city in order to bring the facility up to code. When finished, it will provide for an emergency exit, additional bathroom, and a children's room.

Total cost of the project is estimated to cost $34,000.

As of late February 2021, $9,950 has been donated.

Designate contributions to the "Andrzej Karzełek - building project."

A short history of the origins of Camp Eden, and the part Dr. Wilson and PEM have played in its development.


In the fall of 2009 an announcement was made at PEM’s annual banquet:

The new worship center, under construction at Camp Eden

in Oćwieka, Poland, would be named in honor of

PEM’s founder and director, Dr. Kyle Wilson.

You can learn more about Dr. Wilson's life and ministry by watching this video, which was used the evening the announcement was made.