Christian camping has long since been regarded as one the greatest means

of bringing people to faith in Christ. This is true of camping in Poland as well as elsewhere. PEM presently works with two such camps there:

camp eden

Located on the edge of the small village of Oćwieka in north central Poland, 

Pastor Jan Tomczyk started this camp  in 1977, during Communist days. It offers camps for every age: children, youth, adult, and senior citizens, and has been the means of many

hearing about salvation in this

gospel-starved part of eastern Europe.

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During a recent summer youth camp at Camp Eden, a television station from Bydgoszcz, PL arrived on the scene to do a feature article on the event. This 19 minute video is the result of that visit. Although it is in Polish, we have supplied English subtitles.

Czas Na Bunt - Time for Rebellion


This much newer camp, in the beautiful hills in the south of Poland, was started by

Pastor Andrzej Karzełek, whose church

meets in the same location. It continues to develop its program, as it develops its facilities. 

(Scroll up to view the gallery photos of camp scenes.)

A great help for either of these camps is when English-speaking

people come to enjoy camping with them. It offers English language

learners opportunity to hear and speak English—another door

through which evangelism can take place.  

Action opportunity: Plan to bring a team to a camp of your choice, sharing your life and faith with the campers that will be there.