• A short story of the origins of Camp Eden, Oćwieka, Poland.

  • A short story of the origins of camp Eden in Oćwieka, Poland.

  • A video for all to enjoy, but especially designed to help pastors and mission teams determine what levels of participation in Poland work best for their church. 

  • This video invites Christians in local churches to become part of the prayer force for Poland.

  • A brief compilation of reasons why we need to be in Poland with the gospel, as researched by Marten Visser and reported in the Evangelical Missions Quarterly.

  • You can learn more about Dr. Wilson's life and ministry by watching this video, which was used at PEM's annual banquet in 2009.

  • During a recent summer youth camp at Camp Eden, a television station from Bydgoszcz, PL arrived on the scene to do a feature article on the event. This 19 minute video is the result of that visit. Although it is in Polish, we have supplied English subtitles.

  • A brief review of man's malevolence and God's grace, 

    originally used as a website introduction to PEM until July 2015.