• In Kramatorsk 4 miles away from the front line in the city of about 75,000 old people as more than 150 000 left this disaster place that is without gas, drinking water and only some parts with electricity.  To donate to this relief ministry, please designate "Tent Mission - Ukraine" with your gift.

  • A short story of the origins of Camp Eden, Oćwieka, Poland.

  • A short story of the origins of camp Eden in Oćwieka, Poland.

  • A video for all to enjoy, but especially designed to help pastors and mission teams determine what levels of participation in Poland work best for their church. 

  • This video invites Christians in local churches to become part of the prayer force for Poland.

  • A brief compilation of reasons why we need to be in Poland with the gospel, as researched by Marten Visser and reported in the Evangelical Missions Quarterly.

  • You can learn more about Dr. Wilson's life and ministry by watching this video, which was used at PEM's annual banquet in 2009.

  • During a recent summer youth camp at Camp Eden, a television station from Bydgoszcz, PL arrived on the scene to do a feature article on the event. This 19 minute video is the result of that visit. Although it is in Polish, we have supplied English subtitles.

  • A brief review of man's malevolence and God's grace, 

    originally used as a website introduction to PEM until July 2015.