To date, there are 32 churches and 40 mission stations in the fellowship of churches with which PEM works most closely. 

It is an understatement to say that the local church is

important in God’s plan for evangelism and discipleship. It is indispensable! Church planting, church health, and church growth are at the vanguard of the Polish church’s plan to make healthy disciples. 

Because of this, PEM’s focus is to do all we can to help our

Polish brethren establish reproducing churches. 

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strategic partnerships

A Strategic Partnership is a close and personal relationship between a church (or churches) outside of Poland with a ministry within Poland. It is one that includes more than money alone. It includes friendship between the ministries involved, visiting one another, encouraging and helping one another, 

and praying for one another. 

It’s a relationship in which the church outside of Poland takes on a

significant portion of the salary of the partnering Christian worker in

Poland so he can give his full time to ministry. It also sends work teams, maintains good communication with one another,  

and establishes strong prayer support for one another. 

In return, when the partnering church brings the Polish Christian worker to their country to visit, that worker becomes a missionary in residence in that church, sharing their own expertise with them, so as to strengthen them in their ministry at home. To date, there are two of these relationships in place,

with more in the making.  

Action opportunity: Contact us to talk about adding this dimension of participation to your involvement in missions.